Parents mortgage daughters to loan-shark in Hyderabad

Financially desperate couple K Kashiram and his wife Shivamma, borrowed Rs.10,000 (US$ 150) against the mortgage of their two daughters with a loan shark in Nizamabad district. Sources say the couple borrowed the money some 3 months ago on condition they would work for the money lender, but they could not keep their promise as Shivamma fell sick and had to move elsewhere. To compensate the couple agreed to send their two daughters age 10 and 7, to work for the man at his home and at his small business. When the couple asked the money lender to release them so they could take part in the Sankranti festival he refused, so the couple approached the police. With police intervention the daughters were reunited with their parents for the festival and both the couple, and the money lender are now being counseled by the police against such practices.