Patidars now hold protests in the US

INTIpattiwomAfter the recent protests and clattering of plates back home, the Patidars have begun the same movement overseas with Patidar women protesting on the streets of New York, New Jersey and Edison, NJ. The women have decided to protest during the second visit of PM Narendra Modi to the US, threatening to mar Modi’s visit.

Despite the Anandiben Patel-led Gujarat government holding talks with the Patidar leaders, the Tejas Patel said the Patidars will protest during Modi’s visit.

Satish Patel of the Overseas Friends of the BJP said around 70 OF-BJP members have resigned in protest against the police atrocities on Patidar youths, and more people are lining up to resign from the forum.

The community in the US is also putting pressure on Chandrakant Patel to resign as the president of the Overseas Friends of the BJP.