Pilot and engineer fight inside Air India plane cockpit

A Chennai-Delhi Air India fight was delayed over two hours after the pilot and an aircraft engineer had a difference of opinion that ended up in a fist fight inside the cockpit. There were no passengers aboard the plane when the incident occurred. Sources say the plane arrived from Mumbai and was scheduled to then fly to Delhi en route to Paris, and a team of technicians were readying the plane for departure. Pilot Captain Manik Lal was not pleased to see so many people in the cockpit and started to send them out when flight engineer V T Kannan informed him that the plane was yet to be handed over to the crew for the flight, but the pilot refused to listen. This led to an argument that snowballed into a fight in which engineer Kannan was injured and admitted to hospital. An Air India official said Captain Manik Lal has been grounded till investigations are complete and a report is submitted about the incident.