Pink Cabs for women introduced in Delhi

One of India's largest taxi companies Meru Cab, announced a new service that will be a solution for women worried about their safety, after the recent alleged rape of a Delhi passenger by an Uber driver. The new service called Meru Eve will consist of a fleet of taxis in Delhi that will be driven by women. The taxis will have pepper spray and panic buttons that will immediately notify Meru in case of trouble. The drivers will also wear pink vests and drive white-and-pink hatchbacks. Meru Cab chief executive Siddhartha Pahwa said anxious passengers called Meru to ask for female taxi drivers so the service started in the capital recently, with some 20 vehicles and it may expand to other cities. Meru worked with the Delhi police to equip the cars and give their female drivers self-defence training. Delhi's special police commissioner for administration said programs like this will build confidence in women to earn a living as they become role models. One new driver expects her income to rise as demand for female drivers rise. Meru drivers typically earn between Rs.20,000 and 30,000 a month.