PM Modi criticised for comparing Kerala with Somalia

BACKpmmodiPrime Minister Narendra Modi who was used as the BJP’s star campaigner in Kerala was ‘trolled’ on Twitter for comparing the state to Somalia in a recent election speech. One of the critics ripped off “Po Mone Dinesh’ a line from a Malayalam film that translates as “Son, you’re dismissed, better head home”.

The PM had said that for basic and essential health and development, Kerala is worse than Somalia, leading to public outrage and a curt letter of complaint from Kerala CM Oommen Chandy, that was made public. The letter said “Is it not a shame for the Prime Minister to say that a state like Somalia exists in India”.

The run up to the forthcoming Kerala elections for its next government, was marked by murders of political activists from the RSS rival workers, and recently a Dalit student was raped and killed with ghastly violence at her home. Nobody has been arrested.

Mr Chandy is also fighting allegations of a corrupt administration as he tries to prevent the Left from replacing him. The BJP heads a third front.