PM Modi / President Obama jointly address nation on radio

In the first ever joint radio address by an Indian Prime Minister and an American President on a special edition of 'Maan ki Baat' the two leaders took questions from people across the country selected by PM Modi, who addressed the President as Barack throughout the programme. Modi started the programme saying he searched for the meaning of the word Barack and found it means one who is blessed. Obama started the programme with a 'Namaste' and thanked Modi for his kind words and incredible hospitality, and said they were making history in a short time. Obama went on to praise the largest democracy in the world and said people in the US are excited about the energy that Modi brings to his efforts to reduce poverty and uplift people, empower women and provide electricity, clean energy and invest in infrastructure and education. Obama said the US wants to be partners on these issues. Obama said his daughters are fascinated by India and he may have to go to India again with his daughters, perhaps after his presidency. Replying to a question on how he felt when he went to the White House, PM Modi said he was touched when Obama gifted him a book on Swami Vivekananda, in which Obama had flagged pages especially for him. Many other personal exchanges were held between the two leaders who candidly admitted that they had never thought that they would become world leaders one day.