PM Modi signs agreements including Chabahar Port in Iran

INVESChabaharportPrime Minister Narendra Modi who is on a 2-day visit to Iran, met with President Hassan Rouhani, and the two countries signed 12 agreements including the trilateral Chabahar Agreement, that opens up a route to land-locked Afghanistan with which India has developed close security and economic ties. They also signed an initial pact to set up an aluminum plant and one on laying a railway line to give India access to Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Earlier PM Modi visited the 47-year-old Ganga Singh gurudwara in Tehran and he also interacted with Indian students of Kendriya Vidyalaya in a hotel in Tehran.

The PM said the Chabahar port and related availability of some $500 million from India is an important milestone. The two leaders also shared concerns over radicalism and terrorism in the regions and agreed to consult on combating any threats. Modi said they are also to sign a trilateral transport agreement in partnership with India, Iran and Afghanistan.

PM Rouhani endorsed Modi’s views and added that they are both going to put tourism high on their agenda. They also discussed courses in Hindi, Persian, to be held in both countries and bring relations between their academies, universities, technology and scientific institutions closer to each other. He emphasised that the relationship between the 2 countries can become much bigger than in the past.