PM Modi’s ‘Digital India’ initiative excites US tech companies

INTERnmEager to further his dream ‘Digital India’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Silicon Valley, a rare visit by an Indian Prime Minister that certainly drew the attention of the US tech companies keen on extending their vision into a promising overseas market. PM Modi’s visit marks the first time an Indian head of state has been in California in 33 years.

The PM met the Sikh and Gujarati communities, visited Tesla Motors and met CEO Elon Musk, and met Apple CEO Tim Cook. He also met Google’s Sundar Pichai and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella and addressed a gathering of leaders at a Digital India and Digital Technology Dinner where he talked of his vision for his Digital India and Make in India initiatives.

He also met John Chambers of Cisco and Shantanu Narayan of Adobe.

PM Modi said the India-US partnership is one of the defining partnerships of the time, one that converges on California. He received a standing ovation as he addressed the audience in a speech strewn with humour as he asserted that Digital India is an enterprise for the transformation of India in a scale model unmatched in human history since nothing else will do in a country with 800 million impatient youths waiting for change.