PM Modi’s solar alliance gets enthusiastic response

VACKsolstReports say that the keen interest shown by various countries in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s International Solar Alliance (ISA) was very satisfying and the initiative is an effective means of enhancing renewable energy in solar rich nations.

ISA is an aggregation of countries that have a lot of solar resources and the goal is now to figure out how they can all work together and develop relevant programmes

A key Indian negotiator Ajay Mathur said 22 countries participated in the meeting of the steering committee of the alliance and there were a number of concrete suggestions on how to structure the ISA.

PM Modi who jointly launched the ISA with President of France Francois Hollande, said India will host the initiative at the premises in its National Institute of Solar Energy and provide land and contribute some $30 million to build a Secretariat infrastructure. He said India will support operations for five years and together with France raise long term funds to achieve prescribed goals.

During two key sessions a number of ideas were exchanged and financing projects were discussed.