Police accused of killing dalit child for suspected theft

BACKPOLIdchilJust a couple of days after two dalit children were burned alive in a Haryana village, a teenage boy was allegedly killed by cops hours after he was questioned for the theft of some pigeons.

The body of the boy Govinda, age 14, was found at a vacant plot near his home, and the family blamed the police for his death, saying the cops had taken a Rs.10,000 bribe from them to release the boy, but they did not release him.

In fact the police have lodged an FIR against two police officers, Subhash and Ashok both assistant sub inspectors of the Gohana police station, on charges of murder, after the brother complained and the locals blocked a road and railway track for some hours in protest.

Police say the death was a case of hanging, but they have not reached a conclusion on the matter.