Police accused of planting evidence on terror suspects

Three men were arrested on terror charges in Bhatkal, Bengaluru recently, giving rise to unrest and tension in the town as neighbours of the accused claim they saw police planting evidence in the house of a suspect. Muslim organisations have also called for a shut down, as forces were deployed to prevent the outbreak of violence. According to the general secretary of the Bhatkal federation of Muslim organisations, several people saw the police take a few bags into the house of the suspect Abus Subur. The lawyer for the suspects also said he would expose the police for not observing the law that says two people must accompany and be present with the police during a raid, and this did not happen in this case. Subur's mother said the house where the police claim explosives were found has actually been locked for two months as they have been living with her sister. The mother of Syed Ismail Afaaq the prime accused said the police told the media that her son made calls to Pakistan but did not tell them that he is married to a Pakistani who lives with them in Bhatkal. The controversy continues as the authorities have not decided the outcome of the incident.