Police consider charging NRI with murder of wife

A day after the arrest of NRI Sabu in connection with the disappearance of his wife 10 years ago, the Crime Branch are now considering charging him with murder. Sources say the department has sought the help of Interpol to find out whether Smitha was murdered as they suspected, considering she went missing while living with Sabu who mislead everyone saying she had eloped. The accused has not confessed to the crime but the department has held him in custody and is set to interrogate him once again. Sabu Antony married Smitha in 2005 and the couple left for Dubai. In September that year Sabu rang Smitha's parents and told them their daughter was missing and sent them a letter he claimed was written by Smitha, in which said she had eloped with a doctor. The family filed a police complaint and Sabu was arrested and later released for want of evidence. The Crime Branch with the help of Interpol examined the letter Sabu said was written by Smitha and it turned out it was written in Sabu's handwriting. He was summoned to Kochi and arrested.