Pollution kills 1.4 million people prematurely in India every year

MERApollunResearchers have estimated that over 1.4 million people die prematurely every year in India due to household and outdoor air pollution.

The international team of researchers from India, China, Canada and the US estimated that despite efforts to limit future emissions, air pollution deaths will rise over the next twenty years unless more aggressive targets are set.

Power plants, industrial manufacturing, vehicle exhausts, and burning coal and wood, all release small particles into the air that are dangerous for a person’s health.

In India a major contributor to poor air quality is the practice of burning wood, dung, and similar sources of biomass for cooking and heating. Millions of families among the poorest are regularly exposed to high levels of particulate matter in their own homes.

Chandra Venkataraman, a researcher and professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai said India needs a 3-pronged mitigation approach to address industrial coal burning, open burning for agriculture, and household air pollution sources.