Poor labourer donates expensive land for charity

Shakur Mohammad, 62, who works as a daily wage labourer in Jodhpur, acquired six plots of land in 1984 for Rs.4000. He has now donated three plots, one for a hospital, another for a madrasa and another for a masjid. Together the plots are valued at over Rs.10 million at current rates. Some two years ago he first donated a plot of land to set up a small hospital in his mother's name, where former Jodhpur mayor Rameshwar Dadich built a primary health centre that now caters to over 50 patients a day. Mohammed says that was a very satisfying experience, so he began donating more land, and though he is uneducated he wants his community's children to be educated so he donated another piece of land where the madrasa is being built, and he is looking to find funds to build the masjid on the third plot. He has more plans to donate land to set up a diagnostic laboratory, and when asked how he managed to do all this given his humble situation, he said he does not crave worldly things, but loves and lives a simple life. He gave two other plots to his two daughters and he and his wife now live with one daughter.