President Obama urges India to uphold religious freedom

Addressing an audience of students and other invitees at the end of his visit to India, US President Barack Obama said 'India will succeed as long as it is not splintered along religious lines'. Obama said every person has the right to practise their faith as they choose, or no faith at all without fear or discrimination, and he admitted he had often felt treated differently because of his background in the US. In his 40-minute speech Obama praised democracy that allowed the poor to dream big, in both India and the US, and referring to PM Narendra Modi and himself, he said the two countries were places where the son of a tea vendor can be PM, a Dalit can draft the constitution and the grandson of a cook can be President. Mr Obama's speech came at the end of his 3-day visit to India after which he left for Saudi Arabia on a condolence visit following the death of King Abdullah last week.