Pune teen reveals ISIS planning attack on India

BACKisisA 16-year-old girl who was arrested by the Anti Terror Squad as she was planning to leave the country to join the Islamic State in Syria, has revealed that the terror group is planning a massive assault on the Indian sub-continent by 2020.

The arrest came after the Anti Terror Police began tracking a conversation she exchanged with sources from other countries. She had developed an interest in the terror group 4 months ago on the Internet and she gradually contacted others on Facebook, Twitter and through emails.

During her interrogation the girl claimed IS plans to expand its area of control and is preparing grounds to target India by 2020. She claimed that 8 to 10 men were in touch with her to carry out IS’s plans. She said she was also in touch with nearly 200 men from Srilanka, Singapore, Canada, Kenya and Europe, who have shown an interest in joining IS ranks.

A man called Sirajuddin who remained in contact with the teenager has also been arrested from Jaipur. Officials say he was an IS recruiter and an Indian Oil Corporation staffer, who would coax youngsters on social media to join the terror group.