Punjab NRI brothers are water conservationists in US

NRINIpbrosConcerned at the prolonged drought in California two Punjabi origin teenage brothers have introduced an idea to conserve water.

Rajvarun Singh Grewal, 16, and Arijeet Singh Grewal, 14, from Hanford in the Central Valley of California, have proposed a bill that provides a subsidy to state residents for replacing natural grass in their lawns with synthetic turf, so that water is saved and struggling farmers benefit, as do their high-value crops in the key farming state of the US.

The brothers did some research before proposing the idea to lawmakers and later they wrote to Bakersfield Assembly member Rudy Salas, who liked it and decided to take it to the assembly. The bill to make the idea happen is being debated in the provincial assembly in Sacramento.

The brothers have also created a Facebook page for their project. Their father Varinder Singh Grewal who moved to the US from Sangrur district, Punjab, in 1991, said it is good to see the bill introduced in the assembly, and he is hopeful the bill with get the nod of lawmakers in California.