Punjabis dream of Canada but move to UAE

IMTERpunjAccording to a sample survey on migration from Punjab by the Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development, Chandigarh, and the its counterpart in Paris, that surveyed over 10,000 households in the state and covered 54,000 people, it was revealed that almost 11% of households reported at least one current international migrant. Over 24% of households desired to move to Canada followed by over 15% to the UAE.

The survey found that the UAE is popular with rural folk, Hindus, the Scheduled Castes and those with a low standard of living, while Canada is the preferred choice of Malwa region people, Sikhs, general castes, agricultural families owning at least 10 acres, and the super rich.

The emigration rate of women is much lower than men’s but their increasing independent emigration is a modern phenomenon. Most women emigrants are going to Canada, followed by the US and Australia, most of whom are going for work and for family unions or marriage.

The traditional desire for an NRI groom still exists as 50% of Sikhs believe it is the guarantee of a better future of their daughters.