Rajasthan woman runs one of the biggest opium rings

simitaSumita Bishnoi, 31, who owns a fleet of luxury cars has been arrested by the Jodhpur police because she ran one of the biggest opium rings in the state.

The police got info about Sumita aka Sunita, when they caught two people smuggling opium. The two men said they worked for Sumita and described where she lives.

Some 40 cops searched a 4-storey house and were stunned by their findings of not just 57 grams of opium, they also found a GPS system and an array of cars that were allegedly used for the supply and delivery of the opium.

Reports say when her husband took on a job in Karnataka and moved, the woman’s life changed and she met Rajuram Ikram, a liquor and drug smuggler with a crime record. Sumita reportedly took over Ikram’s network when he was arrested and she escorted and drove consignments of the drugs.

The fearless woman controlled her network of cars used to pick up the opium and deliveries were made on her instructions.  She allegedly also roped in family members.

Police have now sealed her bungalow and are looking for her missing partner Ikram.  Along with Sumita, four of her gang members were arrested.