RSS wants imbalance in population of Muslims/Christians checked

HAPPrssWith the intention of making a distinction between ‘religions of Bharatiya origin’ and others like Islam and Christianity, the RSS passed a resolution requiring the government to reformulate and check the demographic imbalance, claiming higher growth in the two populations that they blame on infiltration and conversions.

The resolution noted that the growth rates of different religious groups have caused the religious imbalance of the population ratio, especially in border areas, that may threaten the unity and integrity of the country. The share of population of religions of Bharatiya origin has come down to 83.3 percent, while the Muslim population has increased to 14.23 percent during the period 1951 – 2011.

The RSS noted that infiltrators are usurping the rights of citizens in the border states, thereby becoming a burden on the already scant resources, and creating socio-cultural political and economic tensions. The examples of unnatural growth of the Christian population in many districts also indicate organised and targeted religious conversions by vested interests.

Expressing deep concern the Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal urged the government to reformulate the policy bearing in mind the availability of resources in the country, and the problem of demographic imbalance, and apply the same uniformly to all.