Salman Khan finally acquitted in hit-and-run case

SHOWskhanThe Bombay High Court has overturned a lower court’s conviction of Salman Khan in a 2002 hit-and-run case, and said there was not enough evidence.

The case refers to 2002 when Khan’s car ran over five people sleeping on a Mumbai street, killing a homeless man and injuring four others. In 2003 Khan’s plea to drop the charge of culpable homicide was refused, then later dropped and Khan was then tried for rash and negligent driving.

Now, the Bombay High Court judge said “The appeal is allowed and the decision of the trial court is quashed and set aside. Salman Khan is acquitted of all charges as the prosecution failed to establish the charges beyond reasonable doubt. The court has also directed police to hand over Khan’s passport to him, and directed the filmstar to provide a new surety bond of Rs.25,000 within two weeks.

Khan one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, and his family who were present at the hearing, broke down on hearing the verdict. Khan also tweeted his thanks to his supporters, who are delighted and have been sending back messages of pure adoration and joy.