Salman Khan offers to help Indian girl stranded in Pakistan

MERAskhanGeeta, the Indian girl stranded in Pakistan after accidentally crossing over as a child, has inspired actor Salman Khan, whom former Pakistan minister Ansar Burney said has asked how he can help the girl meet her family.

Geeta who is hearing and speech impaired was 9 when she crossed into Pakistani territory. The Punjab Rangers took her to the Edhi Foundation in Lahore after which she was moved to a home in Karachi. Geeta believes her father is from Jharkhand and mother from Telangana and that she has 11 siblings.

Ansar Burney took up her cause 3 years ago during a visit to India, and her story found fresh attention after the success of Salman Khan’s movie based on a speech impaired girl from Pakistan, in which the actor plays Bajrangi Bhaijaan, who takes on the mission of reuniting a girl with her family in Pakistan.