Salman Khan sued for Rs.250 crore !

e9wot50bBollywood star Salman Khan’s trysts with the law continue as Vijay Galani, the producer of Salman’s 2010 film ‘Veer’ has filed a defamation suit against the actor and claimed Rs.250 crore.

Reports say Salman approached Galani to produce the film and Galani gave Salman a signing amount of Rs.10 crore. A contract was drawn up between the two and Eros International that said after the release of the film and the recovery of the cost of the film Salman would be given an overflow of Rs.15 crore.

However the film did not do well at the box office and Salman asked Galani for a copy of their earlier agreement. Once Galani sent it to Khan the film star said he was not okay with the terms of the agreement and approached the Cine and TV Artistes Association, who ruled in Galani’s favour.

Galani has now filed a defamation case for Rs.250 crore against Salman alleging that the course of action taken by the star has damaged his reputation as a producer.