Satyarthi and Malala receive Nobel peace prize

India's Satyarthi, 60, is recognised for a 35-year battle to free thousands of children from virtual slave labour. Pakistan's Malala, 17, the youngest ever Nobel laureate, became a global icon after she was shot and nearly killed by the Taliban for insisting that girls have the right to an education. The pairing of Malala and Satyarthi had the additional symbolism of linking India and Pakistan, neighbouring countries that have been in conflict for decades. While Malala will be the star of the annual Nobel extravaganza, her co-winner Satyarthi welcomed the increased attention the Nobel brought to the cause of children in bonded labour. Satyarthi's organisation Bachpan Bachao Andolan prides itself on liberating more than 80,000 children from bonded labour in factories and workshops across India, and has networks of activists in over 100 countries. Nobel winners receive 8 million Swedish kronor ($1.1 million) which is shared in the case of joint wins.