Seized gold goes missing from Delhi airport vault

goldNow 59 kg of seized gold is missing from the Indira Gandhi International Airport’s high security vault. A stock taking committee that checked the sealed packets at the vault found many of them contained spurious pieces.

In all some 83 kg of gold was replaced with lookalike metals in the past two years, but the team was shocked to find that 59 kg gold, worth Rs.18.3 crore at current rates, went missing this July.

A complaint was registered at the IGI police station and an inspection committee carefully checked the packets and on observing their weight found it did not tally with the records, and instead yellow-coloured metal pieces were found inside.

A case was registered, but the scale of the pilferage has placed customs officials under suspicion as they are in charge of the vault’s security. Police investigation also revealed that the seal of Air Customs was intact on all the packets, inside which the false metal was found.

This is not the first time such a case has happened, last June gold was missing from the vault and also in 2014 a series of thefts were discovered.