Senior Citizen Live-in Relationship Sammelan in Ahmedabad

MERAscitizVina Mulya Amulya Seva (VMAS) the matchmaking service, is set to hold a ‘Senior CItizen Live-in Relationship Sammelan in Ahmedabad on November 22, that will be held at Mehndi Nawaz Jung Hall in Paldi.

Over 300 men and 50 women from all over India of the age group between 50 to 85 years, have registered to attend the event.

VMAS founder Natu Patel said elderly couples face compatibility issues and even their families find it difficult to make adjustments. If an elderly couple first live together for a few months, they will be able to understand their interests, and likes and dislikes better, and get to know the family set-up, all of which make it easier for them to figure out whether they should marry or not.