Sikh Captain America wears superhero’s costume to challenge Trump

INITIAvsinghVishavjit Singh, a US born Sikh artist/activist in his mid 40s said Donald Trump’s statement that he will make America great again alarms him as he is one of those at the front lines of bigotry, in post 9/11 America.

On occasion Singh transforms into Sikh Captain America, a costumed soldier with a traditional head wrap who champions cultural understanding through public appearances and speeches. Now with the forthcoming opening of the film ‘Captain America : Civil War, Singh has drawn a stark contrast between Trump and the Capt’s alter ego Steve Rogers – two iconic New York characters born in the 40s.

Singh who now lives in New York said ‘Captain America would stand in complete opposition to Donald Trump and his candidacy as today, besides ISIS the extreme right-wing and supremacist forces at home would be targets for Captain America’s wrath. He says he wishes Trump well: wishes him to realize the violence of his words, and wishes him a landslide loss in the elections.

The cartoon character Captain America was created in New York during World War II by Jewish creators who introduced their super soldier by having him deliver a haymaker to the jaw of Hitler. Sikh Captain America who was also born in New York said his art is informed by his own experience on the streets of America and being targeted as an outsider just because of his looks made him visualize an American superhero fighting hate and intolerance.

Singh created posters showing Captain America in a turban and beard for his ComiCon exhibition. In June 2013 he stepped out as Captain America hesitantly, but it was a resounding success.

Today Singh gets frequent requests to dress as Sikh Captain America, including from the University of Kansas, and the Japanese American National Museum in LA. His success as Sikh Captain America has been accepted and he feels well loved by the public response to his unique bravado.