Sikh farmers flee Gujarat as government turns blind eye

Sikh farmers who made inhospitable terrain in Bhuj area of Gujarat cultivable, are now targeted by land mafia, attacked by goons and booked by police, and are now forced to flee the land they made their home. A recent attack on the farmers reinforced their fears and they have no plans to return, as one farmer Jagjit Singh was seriously injured in an attack by a group of local farmers, the second attack of its kind within a month. Some Sikh farmers allege that local agriculturists in connivance with politicians want to drive them out of Gujarat, so several Sikh farmers gave in and left. Many returned to their hometowns in Punjab and Ganganagar where they are virtually living hand to mouth now. In a run-up to the Lok Sabha polls, Modi had at a rally in Ludhiana assured them that no Sikh farmer in Gujarat would ever be evicted, but just a year down the road, the Sikh settlers are fearful. It is a pitiable situation as many Punjabi farmers moved to Gujarat with great hopes and plans after selling their land at low prices.