Sikh fugitive extradited to India from Bangkok

Thai authorities have extradited Jagtar Singh Tara, a Sikh militant who was convicted in India for the 1995 assassination of a state minister. He was arrested in Pattaya under the name Gurmeet Singh and flown back to India following a court order. Tara was one of 6 Sikh militants convicted for the blast outside government headquarters in Punjab that killed Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh and 15 others. The Babbar Khalsa International Sikh separatist group claimed responsibility for the attack. Tara was jailed but tunneled out of prison in 2004 and escaped. 3 years later he was sentenced to life in prison and finally arrested in Thailand this month. The advocacy group Sikhs for Justice warned in Bangkok that Tara could faced the death penalty and may suffer torture if he is returned to India.