Sikh schoolboy falsely arrested in US accused of having bomb

INTERSarmansinghArmaan Singh, 12, was arrested and handcuffed after a ‘bully’ accused him of hiding a bomb in his backpack. The boy spent the weekend in juvenile detention after a classmate claimed he had a bomb and had threatened to blow up Nichols Junior High School in Arlington city.

Armaan said he though it was a joke at first and laughed till be realised it was not, when the police grabbed him and took him outside. They arrested him for making a terroristic threat, He is under house arrest and must wear an ankle monitor. The frightened boy who has undergone 3 heart surgeries was taken away in handcuffs. This, after Armaan joked after a classmate told him he thought a phone battery in his backpack looked like a bomb.

Authorities evacuated the classroom until it was determined there was no bomb. The boy’s family including his cousin placed the blame solely on the bullying classmate. They say it is the classmate who was behind the prank, but cops saw it differently and said the other students became so frightened that one went to the nurse’s office trembling.

The family said they had to call 911 to find their son who was being held as they were not notified that he was in custody.

Incidentally Arlington city neighbours Irving where three months ago Ahmed Mohamed was arrested after his homemade clock was mistaken for an explosive device.