Sisters fight molesters as passengers unmoved on Haryana bus !

Arti Kumar, 22 and her sister Pooja, 19, were travelling on a Haryana Roadways bus to Sonipat, when they were harassed by three men. At first they suffered the harassment in silence, but when the men started to pick on a pregnant woman as well, the brave girls decided to do something about it. The two sisters fought off the men and attacked them with their belts. They eventually overpowered the men and took their mobiles then threw them off the moving bus. The pregnant woman filmed the whole incident, as sadly none of the other co-passengers came forward to help them. The girls and the pregnant woman got off the bus at the next stop and went together to the nearest police station where they filed a case. The shocking video of the incident, taken by the pregnant woman went viral, helping to lead to the arrest of the cowardly attackers. The men who had minor injuries from being pushed off the bus were identified by police as Mohit, Kuldeep and Deepak of Asan village. They were arrested and booked for assault and for outraging the modesty of a female.