Sisters threatened with repeated rape as punishment for brother’s crime

MERAcastarMeenakshi Kumari, 23 and her 15-year-old sister have been told by their all-male village council that they will be repeatedly gang-raped, their faces blackened, and be paraded naked as punishment for the crimes of their brother who eloped with a married woman from a higher caste.

The terrified sisters from India’s Dalit caste fled their village and have pleaded with the Supreme Court for protection..
Amnesty International who are running a petition for the girls’ protection said the unelected village councils that are widespread in parts of India are often made up of older men from dominant castes who prescribe arbitrary rules for behaviour and interaction in villages. The girls’ other brother Sumit Kumar said the Jat caste are powerful in the village and their decision is final.

The two sisters say they cannot return to their homes in Baghpur district. The unelected village councils now labelled ‘kangaroo courts’ continue to rule is parts of India.