Social media uproar over ‘doctored’ Kanhaiya video

HappKanyaFakeVideo that showed JNU student Kanhaiya Kumar shouting slogans on freedom for Kashmir, could have been doctored according to TV Channels India Today TV and ABP News, who also aired what they say could be the original video that had completely different slogans.

BJP spokesman Samit Patra had played the video during a TV debate as clinching evidence of Kanhaiya’s guilt for sloganeering anti-national activities on the JNU campus where he is a prominent student leader and was actually protesting the death penalty given to Afzal Guru, a convicted terrorist.

Kanhaiya was arrested and taken into judicial custody and a video emerged and went viral, with media bellowing about the student’s commitment of sedition and anti-nationalism.

ABP News showed footage of the original video upon which audio was allegedly cut and pasted and superimposed, and India Today TV showed 3 videos including the one that is believed to be fake and one on which the audio of unidentified people shouting slogans for freedom of Kashmir was superimposed. The third one was the original video. The channel says Kanhaiya in fact made no reference to Kashmir in the original video, he only chanted his wish for freedom from hunger, freedom from Sangh, freedom from capitalism and feudalism.

When Patra was asked about the video that was shown on a TV channel he said he does not know whether it was real or fake. Not everyone has been convinced by the ABP footage however.

Police now have 90 days to bring charges against Kumar, and they said they will not oppose bail. The fact that bail was offered may well indicate the student could ultimately not face charges. It is unclear whether the disputed video fracas had any influence on the decision.

Assault on Kanhaiya in court was pre-planned.

The situation is even more mind-boggling and the case more complicated, as now a probe team has said the assault on Kumar in the court premises was organised and pre-planned. The probe also said Kumar was subjected to psychological pressure and made to issue a statement before he appeared in court, that was dictated by the police. He was physically assaulted inside the adjoining court room by some persons dressed as advocates, proving the assault was orchestrated and pre-planned.

The extraordinary case has gone from a student uprising to a total set up by some BJP leaders, the police, lawyers, video producers, and even the media, in some ways. At this moment in time it seems Made in India can also be applied to sheer slander and sad senselessness.