Song mocking BJP slogan becomes viral hit


punjabA song called “Achhe din ne Punjab di kasani dob ti” (Achhe Din have drowned the farmers of Punjab) written by young farmer Gurvinder Singh aka Gill Raunta of Raunta village in Moga and sung by his two amateur singer friends, that mocks the BJP’s Lok Sabha poll slogan of “Achhe Din”  has become an instant hit on social media.


In ten days the song has already been viewed by over 200,000 Facebook users and has gone viral on WhatsApp.


Gill Raunta said as he sat through the ordeal of trying to sell his wheat crop and saw several other farmers in distress, he wrote the song right there in the grain market on April 27.


The song refers to the current crises being faced by peasants and also puts the spotlight on youngsters in the state being devoured by drugs.


One admirer says the song is a hit because it holds a mirror up to the government and conveys the real situation, that is sombre and painful.