Stalker followed classmate from Delhi to US for a decade

crimJitender-SinghJitender Singh, 32, has been sentenced to 19 years in prison in the US, for stalking a woman from Delhi to Texas for nearly a decade.

The Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis said Jitender first met the woman when they both attended college in Delhi, and though they were just classmates, he asked the woman to marry him in 2006. The woman refused and an angry Singh began following her and threatened her with violence till she graduated.

In 2007 the woman left India to study at a New York university, but Singh’s obsession continued and he carried on his harassment and assaulted the woman’s father in India for which he was convicted, but he made an appeal and agreement with authorities to stay away from her.

He eventually travelled to New York where he tried to enroll at the same university, but he was denied and ordered to stay away from the campus.
The woman moved to California but Singh tracked her down and followed her even when she moved back to New York.

In 2011 she moved to Plano and in 2014 he located her address and broke into her home, took her passport, social security card and other documents, as well as her jewellery. A neighbour called Plano police who located Singh in the parking lot of the victim’s apartment and arrested him.