Supreme Court sentences dead man to jail !

HAPPEscThe Supreme Court recently found it had sentenced a man to seven years imprisonment for being guilty of rape charges nearly three years after he had died. Seven months after it pronounced the sentence the SC discovered its mistake and withdrew the judgment against the dead man. It was informed that the man died in 2012, 3 years before he was convicted and sentenced in April 2015.

In fact when the police went to arrest the man and take him to jail per the SC judgment, they found he was already dead and had been killed by his own brother 3 years ago.

The unfortunate deaf and dumb man was accused of raping a minor girl in 2006. He was acquitted by the trial court and the High Court, both giving him the benefit of the doubt as no test ID parade was conducted for the victim to identify the rapist. Neither had the court found substantial evidence against him. The victim approached the apex court in 2009 through her legal guardian challenging the HC order upholding the trial court’s decision to acquit him.

Regardless of the long drawn procedures and various court decisions as well as the frustration on the part of the accuser, the alleged rapist is no longer exposed to the decisions of the courts of this earth, he is now facing trial in God’s court.