Survey finds 60% of Muslim ‘triple talaq’ divorces unilateral

BACKtalaqA survey of Muslim women who are victims of the triple talaq, found that 6 out of 10 women were given a divorce unilaterally by their husbands. In almost all the other cases the divorce was one-sided with the woman informed about it by relatives, the local Qazi or through SMS or e-mail.

The survey that was conducted on 117 women across the country revealed that in 54% cases, the husband remarried almost immediately and almost 80% of women were deprived of maintenance.

The Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA) co-founder Zakia Soman demanded the triple talaq be banned saying they are not in favour of a uniform civil code but for reforms in the Muslim personal law and banning the triple talaq will be the first step towards that.

Prof. Tahir Mahmood, a legal scholar said the study conducted by the BMMA reads like a horror story and reveals what havoc gross misuse of the noble Islamic law is playing in society.

Sadly this is proven in the case of one Bhopal lady who was married in the family of an influential religious cleric. She tells her sad tale of how all the family wanted was a domestic helper. She was beaten and not allowed to be with her husband, and one day her father-in-law beat up her husband and forced him to say the talaq thrice. She said she tried hard to mediate and make peace but she was not allowed to meet her husband.

Thankfully the woman’s parents supported her and she is fighting her case in court, but she graciously says she cannot shame them publicly because they are influential and she has told her parents and children to think about that.