Tanzanian girl assaulted, stripped by mob in Bangalore

MERAtanstudAfter a car driven by a Sudanese student ran over and killed a local woman, a mob attacked a 21-year-old Tanzanian student and her 3 Tanzanian friends, as they passed the accident site later.

Police say a mob gathered in Hessarghatta area after a drunk student from Sudan ran over a woman sleeping on the roadside. The mob also beat up the man and set fire to his car, but he managed to escape.

Just a short while later the four Tanzanian students were passing by when they stopped to inquire what had happened. That was when they were attacked and tried to get away in their car but they were unable to, so they ran, but the local people chased them and ripped the student’s clothes off and set her car on fire as well.

Bangalore aka ‘India’s Silicon Valley’ is home to some 150 students from Tanzania. There have been clashes between them and the locals from time to time. One African student said they live in fear and the government must do something about it.

The Tanzanian embassy has sought a report on the incident.