Teenage rape victim beheads rapist’s little son in revenge

MER5heldA 13-year-old girl from Khair, Uttar Pradesh, allegedly beheaded the 5-year-old son of her rapist in revenge. The girl lured little Amit to a vacant plot and beheaded him, then bashed his body with bricks, wrapped it in a polythene bag and set it on fire.

The murder was revealed when a pack of dogs dragged the boy’s half-burnt body out of the bag the next day.

After Amit’s parents told the police the boy was last seen with the girl, she was taken into custody and later confessed that she killed the boy because his father, labourer Rinku, raped her after giving her a substance, to which she is addicted.

The girl’s father has filed an FIR against Rinku who was taken into custody for investigation. A case has been registered against the rape victim and the boy’s father has been booked for rape.

The superintendent of police however said investigations are continuing as some people suspect the involvement of a ‘tantrik’ in the crime.