Teenage students livestream sex on Facebook

INTERESfacebookThree teen students, 2 girls age 14 and 15 and 1 boy age 15, had sex while livestreaming it on Facebook and their classmates viewed it on their smart phones during class at a public school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in January.

The police are asking Facebook to hand over all the information including pictures, status history, videos and user information and said the girls could be charged with ‘exposing a child to harmful materials’

According to authorities at the school the 2 girls bunked classes and shot the video outside the campus. As soon as it was alerted about the incident, the school notified authorities and cooperated with the investigation. The police are still investigating and may charge those involved, disciplinary action has already been taken against them. The boy that had participated was not listed as a suspect on the warrant.

In a statement Facebook said that the Live videos do present a challenge and it is a serious responsibility, they work hard to strike the right balance between enabling expression while providing a safe and respectful experience, and they want to interrupt the inappropriate streams as soon as they are reported to them. Facebook has given people a way to report violations during a live broadcast.