Teenager killed during WWE-style friendly fight

MERAwwwA group of some 15 teenagers, all minors, organised a WWE-style fight in Panjesha, Hyderabad during which one teenager Mohammed Nabeel was killed. After Nabeel collapsed the boys took him on their motorbike to the hospital but he died on the way. The group had even placed bets on the match.

The group told the family that Nabeel fell from his bike due to fits, but a boy who witnessed the fight and filmed it on his phone showed Nabeel collapsing during the fight.

Police say a case of death under suspicious circumstances was registered but it may be converted to murder after the autopsy. Police said the way the boys hid the actual happenings was a serious matter and they would investigate the incident in detail. Police declined to name the accused as they are all minors.

Nabeel ‘s parents have demanded stringent punishment for those involved in the death of their son.

It happens that just last week Parliament passed a bill to amend the law to try juveniles charged with heinous crimes as adults.