Telengana has most non-vegetarians in India

non-vegAccording to a Registrar General Survey of people aged 15 and above, Telengana has the most non-vegetarians in the country at 99%. West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Kerala follow. Overall the percentage of non-vegetarians in the country dropped to 71% in 2014.

Telengana people eat a lot of lamb and chicken, even for breakfast, and other animal parts such as kidney, brain and trotters are consumed and many meat lovers also eat rabbits, emu and quail. Experts say lifestyles could have contributed to the increase in meat consumption in the state, besides religion. An abundance of livestock also adds to higher meat consumption.

A Hyderabad Hospital dietitian said in order not to raise the cholesterol levels, people should eat more tandoori and other grilled forms of meat.

Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana top the list of states with the highest vegetarian population. Gujarat state, that is traditionally vegetarian has reportedly recorded a change in eating preferences, as two out of five love eating meat. 61.80% of Gujarat is vegetarian and 39.05% prefer non-vegetarian food.