Terror attacks in Paris shake up NRIs

INTERsolINsidSpeaking from Paris, World Sikh Council Rajbir Singh Tung said the Gurdwaras and Temples are safe so far, in the horrendous terror attack in Paris that claimed over 128 lives and injured around 180.

Asked if Sikhs fear racial attacks, Mr Tung said the French are noble people, their government will make pin point attacks only on the perpetrators of crime and not on innocents.

One NRI couple who were out to dinner when the incidents began near restaurants, said ‘everything closed, the restaurant stopped taking in clients Paris is empty, the streets are bare, no taxis are plying and the Eiffel Tower is deserted’

One store owner Balbir Singh who has been in Paris for 28 years said this was one of the worst attacks he had ever heard or experienced in Paris, but he speculated that since the French government had opened its borders for Syrian refugees, there is a possibility that ISIS suicide bombers could have sneaked into the nation in the guise of refugees.