‘The Lord can’t bless you – he is sick these days’ !

puriThe doors of the Jagannath Dham at Sector 7 have been closed to the masses, and devotees visiting to have darshan are being turned away because according to the temple priest the lord is not well and is under medication and will rest for a fortnight.

This is an annual practise that is an age old custom prevalent in the Jagannath temple, Puri in Odisha. It is the only one of its kind where the almighty is believed to reside in human form, hence, the lord also has to follow the laws applicable to living beings.

According to tradition, and the president of the Jagannath Dham, on ‘jyeshtha poornima’ Lord Jagannath was given a grand bath of 35 gold pots and later he was seated on a throne and served the choicest mangoes, the fruit of the season. They say this made him sick and he is on herbal medicines for 15 days. The temple will reopen on ‘Aashad Shukla Ekam that will fall on July 5.

On behalf of the devotees the lord has been requested to visit the city once he is well so that people can seek his blessings.