The Railway Station that does not have a name !

RainagarIn Raina village, Burdwan district, West Bengal, that is some 35 kms from Burdwan town, the India Railways built a new station in 2008. Since then it has come to be known as ‘the station without a name’.

The layman’s descriptive title makes this station stand out from some 7112 stations run by the Indian Railways.

The truth goes, 8 years ago Rainagar was a functional station but at a distance of 200 metre from where the train halts today. It was then a narrow gauge route known as the Bankura-Damodar railway route.

After the route became part of the broad gauge line, the new station that was built came under the Raina village and was connected to the Howrah Bardhman chord near Massagram.

Trouble arose when adamant villagers refused to name it Rainagar, saying it did not come under the said village any more and insisted the station be named Raina.

The station master says the process of naming the station remains sub-judice as locals had challenged the decision of the railways in Court. One visitor to the village says it is strange how they have not been able to solve the issue, and she hopes it will be resolved very soon as it creates a lot of confusion for commuters.