Thieves target NRIs in New Jersey (USA) post Diwali !

Several NRI families living in the New Jersey area have been robbed following the festival of Diwali, triggering fear among the community for their safety. One victim Rajesh Singh a father of three, said that after Diwali thieves came into the house, tied up his family and took 'whatever they had'. The robbery was the fourth that has occurred in less than two weeks. In all instances Indian origin people were targeted just days after they celebrated Diwali. Indians do put up traditional Diwali decorations in their houses and customarily bring out their jewellery, money and valuables from under lock and key. Knowledgeable thieves are believed to be taking advantage of the occasion. The authorities are investigating, and a reward for information has been offered, as police continue to search for three masked men with guns who followed Singh's wife into their home as she returned from taking out the garbage late on the night in question.