Three minors held for murdering Class 12 student in Madurai

The Madurai city police on arrested three teenagers in connection with the murder of K Nagaraj, a 17-year-old Class 12 student.

Nagaraj was stabbed to death when he prevented the trio from escaping with his smartphone.

The city police, who checked the footages from CCTV cameras in the area, zeroed in on the accused. Police sources said one of the accused was a Class 10 student, aged just 16. The other two, aged 17, were school dropouts. Police said all the three accused were from Ramarayamandapam in Madhichiyam police limit.

Nagaraj and his parents visited a relative’s house in Vandiyur and were returning home. While his parents reached home on a two-wheeler, the teenager took a share auto. He got down at St Mary’s Church and stared walking towards his home.

Police investigation revealed that the trio loitering in the East Veli Street found Nagaraj walking past them. They stopped him and asked him to hand over his phone to them to make a call. He told them that there was no sufficient balance to make calls. However, the trio convinced him that they would use a SIM card they were carrying and they wanted to make an emergency call.

Nagaraj gave the phone after removing his SIM card. Soon after getting the phone, the accused tried to walk away. When Nagaraj asked for the phone, they threatened him with dire consequences. Police said Nagaraj was in no mood to leave the place without his phone and tried to get it back. The 16-year-old boy took a knife and stabbed Nagaraj on his thigh.

As he screamed for help, the trio escaped from the place. Police said Nagaraj started to bleed profusely. However, he walked for a few metres and collapsed. He went unconscious due to the blood loss. A passerby stopped to attend him. He found Nagaraj’s SIM card next to him and used it to inform his parents.