Three NRIs possible candidates for US Supreme Court Judge’s post

INGENusSCourtIn an interview with Politico and The Washington Post, Vice President Joe Biden indicated that three Indian-Americans could be possible candidates to fill the vacancy in the US Supreme Court that is the result of the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Mr Biden did not name names like that of Sri Srinivasan, who was confirmed as a Washington DC judge with an overwhelming 97-0 votes by the Senate, and is considered among the leading favourites for the post.

Biden said he has not yet discussed the nomination with President Barack Obama but he confirmed that there are plenty of available candidates without reputations as liberal advocates. He said the only way is to do what they have done in the past, and pick someone who has an open mind and does not come with a specific agenda, which is how they got Justice Kennedy and Souter to the positions.

Srinivasan, 48, tops the list of prospective justices. His mother is from Chennai and father was from Tirunelveli. Sri is considered to have bipartisan support in the Congress and is popular among Democrats and Republican lawmakers. His parents migrated to the US in the 1960s.

Two other NRIs also figure in the list of prospective candidates, Neal Katyal, 45, who has served as Acting Solicitor General of the US, and California Attorney General Kamala Harris, 51, who is considered to be close to President Obama.