Tour guides rape Japanese tourist

One of five Indian men accused of kidnapping and raping a Japanese woman has been found also linked to defrauding a Japanese tourist in 2003. The woman who wanted to travel to Bodh Gaya says the men said they were tour guides and held her captive for 2 weeks and raped her. Five men were arrested – two of whom allegedly accompanied her on the trip and three who police say were accomplices. No charges have been filed in the case but the five men are in police custody pending investigations In the 2003 case one of the three alleged accomplices Shahid Iqbal, is accused of defrauding a man of Rs.20,000 in Kolkata. Iqbal allegedly took the money from the man to pay for a train ticket and hotel room on his behalf in Delhi and Agra. The man later found that the ticket was forged. Police say Mr Iqbal is married to a Japanese woman.