Trump backer calls US Sikh Councillor ‘Terrorist’

INTERESravinderbhallaA Donald Trump supporter called Ravinder Bhalla, a Sikh city councilman ‘a ‘terrorist’ on Twitter, but the politician gave it back to him saying “Sir I am born and raised in America, and ‘you clearly do not know what it means to be an American”..#ignorant!

Bhalla who is also the council president of Hoboken, New Jersey, posted a message on Twitter about the Hoboken City council approving a waterfront multi-use pathway and after the tweet the Trump fan Robert Dubenezic said “How the hell did Hoboken allow the guy to be a councilman? He Shouldn’t even be allowed in the US.

Councilman Bhalla who is also an attorney told NBC News that he hoped the episode shows people that words can be hurtful and discriminating based on the way one looks, and should not be ignored. People should be educated on different faiths and backgrounds so that diversity is celebrated. After all America is a nation of immigrants and if we work together instead of against one another, we will accomplish so much more.

Many voiced their support for Mr Bhalla including elected officials US Representative Bonnie Watson-Coleman and Hoboken mayor Dawn Zimmer, as well as members of the Sikh American community and its constituents.